What Does Inyanga Mean And What Do Inyangas Do?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Understanding Inyanga: The Word Inyanga is In Isizulu (A South African Dominant Language). These are individuals Or People who have been gifted with a Talent of healing using African medicine, usually Made from Various Animal skins, Meat, Blood, and more, They also Use Tree leaves, Roots, stems, as well as various plants and weeds, seeds, and sometimes even soil and insects.

These (Inyangas) Are Often Referred To As Diviners But Are Usually Mistaken To Be Sangomas Or Traditional Healers Whom Indifference Are Gifted With Spiritual Healing Powers, Spells Casting, And Psychic Abilities, Even Though They Have A Lot In Common, These Can Sometimes Tell The Past And Future (Fortune Tellers). Usually And Most Of The Times Sangomas Or Traditional Healers are Inyangas as well Because They Also In Most Cases Heal People Using Plants, Soil, And Animal-Based Herbal Medicine.

In African Traditions As Well As Various Cultures In The World, Healing Using Different Kinds Of Traditional Medicine Has Existed For Thousands Of Years From Our Great Great Grandparents, And This Healing Gift Is Usually Inherited And Passed On From One Person To Another Within Families.

In African Cultures You Will Find That Different Families Have Different Techniques Of Healing Different Diseases And Complications, Which Other Families Can Not, So This Has Always Been A Unifying Factor Because Each Family Will Rely on The Other For Help When The Need Arises. For Example, One Family Can Be Able To Locally Heal Poisonous Snake Bites, And The Other Might Have The Secret Power Herbs To Heal Skin Diseases, And Therefore These Families Are Usually United By What They Both Can Do For Each Other When In Need.

This Gift Of Healing Can Not Be Taken For Granted And Many People Who Use Traditional Medicine Can Testify To You How Effective And Healthy It Is To Use Traditional Medicine.

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